Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is nuclear dead?

With the disaster in Japan continuing to unfold the consensus seems to be that nuclear energy will not go forward in this country. I watched President Obama's speech today. He reassured the audience that he did not expect radiation to be a major problem. I was struck by his lack of hostility toward nuclear power. In fact, at the start of his speech he referred to nuclear as valuable. Obama stated that he was going to appoint a commission to look into the safety of U.S. nuclear reactors. It is to be expected that the president will appoint a commission to look into the nuclear energy industry. That is what presidents do, and it is what the American people expect. I was struck by his tone though. I believe he will come out in support of the nuclear industry in weeks to come.
On a trading note here is a chart of Cameco Corporation. They do uranium. It has been a bad week for this stock. I noticed the new lows today were made on relatively low volume. While I don't recommend that amateurs try to catch falling knives, this stock may start to bottom here somewhere....

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