Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heckmann Corp

Here is one of those charts that show a possible long term breakout. Heckmann Corp moves waste water in the oil/gas fracking industry. I believe fracking will ultimately prove safe enough to be acceptable as a major innovation that has the potential to give this country the big boost in inexpensive energy that we need to get the economy moving and will help us to bridge the gap to sustainable energy in the future.
Heckmann Corp has broken out to new highs recently. A long term chart shows a series of highs since Feb. '10 at about $6.50 and an upsloping trend. The alltime highs were back in the boom of '07. There has been good volume on the latest breakout.
The downside is that this stock was touted by Jim Kramer on his show last week. I am alway leery to buy a stock that is touted on the television because it often gives the big holders a chance to sell into some new volume coming into the market. But, I suppose even Kramer could get something right once in a while! ;)
The charts:

control your emotions and control your risk!

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