Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Commodities strong on a strong dollar

Steel, Iron, and Corn acting nice today, despite a long downtrend for all of them.

MolyCorp acting particularly strong today and lately.

AK Steel up as expected, not a decisive as expected.

And Corn looks to have bottomed. It took out the weak hands by going to new lows a few days ago and bouncing strong today. It is time to start betting on the weather in the Midwest...?

And the Baltic Dry Index up for the 2nd day after two day of modest declines. The BDI is getting close to a breakout from a long channel here at the "bottom". A breakout to the upside in shipping prices must be an attention getter.

I look at the BDI here.
Take a look at the longer term.

And the others:

Control your risk,

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