Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Will DECK lead?

Sometime back I noticed a tendency for Deckers Outdoor (DECK) to lead the DOW in the intraday and sometimes a couple days ahead. I suppose that is to be expected when both are in an uptrend, etc...
Lately the stock averages are trying to sell off but the volume has been pathetic so it is hard to take any selling seriously. We are supposedly worried about the Fed tapering their purchases of US Treasuries. What Ever!

Lately DECK has been rallying toward a possible breakout to the upside from a long sideways trading range. It will be interesting to see if indeed DECK is leading the way for the broader averages. Or just co-incidence. I personally think things are stronger than the talking heads think and that the markets are poised to start another leg up.

the Fed releases some minutes of meeting later today so that may affect some decisions.

GOOD progress in the PM's over the last 2 weeks.

And have I mentioned the Baltic Dry index lately? Take a look here.

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