Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CU later

Copper prices look set to initiate an upward trend. Time will tell of course.

The stock indexes feel strong. There may be some "trading" around a debt limit decision today if one actually comes to fruition, but the action of the markets in the face of a potential default tells me that the economy is picking up and the markets want to be there when it does.

Industrial metals stocks have been on a tear.

And emerging markets may resume their march to the future. The world is full of people who want some of the good life. The last few years of financial difficulties has not stopped the will of common people in the poorer areas of the world to keep working to improve their lot. And many of those countries have governments that will constructively work for the benefit of their people. This growth will be positive for basic materials around the globe. And the energy situation will allow it to happen as debts will become easier to repay by the flexibility of business to expand made possible by affordable energy sources. The push to "green" will continue with the increased affordability of solar and wind, and natural gas will be a tremendous boon.

We may be at the start of another commodities boom. Time will tell.

Trade with the trend.
Cut your losers.
Let your winners run.
and you will have controlled your risk!


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