Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes a Great Notion

No charts. No opinion.
Just this from Jesse's Café Americain.

Thursday Evening. We are Slow to master the truth

Every once in awhile I am reminded of what happened to me about four years ago now.

God talked to me. And I asked "him" questions and received answers immediately.

There was a unique dream during that time. 

And I came to realize the truth.

That God IS love.

Love is God.

And wherever two or more gather in his name. Love. There is God.

Love is the mystery that is God.

After I understood this my life changed. I became much more emotionally secure and stable.

And from a trading standpoint, not to make this vulgar but trading is my passion, my trading and my profitability increased significantly.

It was uncanny. Almost from that week I became able to see what would happen.

To say it makes it sound like some sort of "line".  But this happened to me.

And thanks to Jesse for bringing this message to his readers on a regular basis.

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