Wednesday, January 8, 2014

High Times

There are some stocks and companies looking to profit from the legalization of marijuana.
The stock of late has been Medbox. (MDBX) The make secure safes for medicines.
The partnered with AVT company, who makes vending machines.
MDBX has gone from $12 to $90 in the last six trading sessions. That is not a typo!
So I looked at AVT. They only started a rally yesterday.
Hmmmm! So I started buying yesterday.

Closed out my position in AVTC this morning. What a ride.

So far this is the most profitable trade of the new year for me. And I probably closed too early!
An 82% profit overnight.


I have been trying to get this posted all day. Blogger won't let me upload the chart of AVTC.

The striking thing about this trade was when I went to sell my few thousand shares they were bought in 100 lots. The second sell I made took about 5 minutes to sell and the price went up about $1.50 as the market bought my shares. 100 shares at a time!

When the first few thousand went that way it made me sell the rest.

A strange but profitable day.


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