Friday, June 13, 2014

High Dividend on Oil

A few posts back I pointed out PBT . As well as the chart and dividend of PBT.
They raised the dividend from .08 to .12 cents per month a couple weeks back. Oil prices remain strong. World and middle eastern events will likely cause the price to stay high or higher over coming months. And world demand and demographics are in favor of higher energy prices over the coming years. There are also questions regarding the sustainability of fracking, particularly for oil, and the high cost of the practice will limit supply if prices go lower and put drillers out of business.

When PBT was trading at $13.50 the yield was 7%.
Now the yield is suddenly 10%. The price will be $20 for a yield of 7%.
And oil shows no signs of let up.

Just sayin'

As always buy on the way up and control your risk,

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