Monday, August 25, 2014

Fedex Busy

This is not a recommendation for a stock. This post is an observation only.

I ordered a couple of big speakers for my yard a few days ago because I wanted some loud music out there. The speakers arrived today by FedEx. The FedEx van was a rental from Budget, with a FedEx magnetic strip on the door. I asked the driver why the rental. He replied that his usual truck was in the shop and he had this truck today. He went on to exclaim that he was glad he had this rental today because of all the bulky packages he had to deliver. The back of this panel truck was piled high with boxes as big as the speakers I had ordered. This is in a rural area, and the delivery area for this driver is this rural area. It is usually delivered in a van.

But someone, myself included, decided to buy some stuff in these dog days of summer.....

That FedEx driver was busy.

Just an observation on the state of this local depressed economy.


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