Monday, October 13, 2014

I'll Say It

People are trying to find a fundamental answer for the recent market declines.

Ukraine?  Probably not.

Europe weakness. Not new. And fixable with policy changes.

U.S. weakness? Maybe. But the Fed won't raise rates if that is so... Ditto the EU thing.

Ebola? This may be the cause. Ebola may not be easily communicable. But it will cause terror. And it would cause a dramatic decrease in activity by everyone if the threat became credible.
And I'll say out loud what I've heard in private.
It wouldn't be very hard for ISIS or al Queda to get people infected and move them around the world.

And if they didn't seek help they would infect many, particularly if they wanted to infect people.

That would justify fears of a dramatic economic slowdown.


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