Thursday, November 20, 2014

Making Immigrants Legal

The President is scheduled to speak on the U.S. immigration and illegal alien question tonight. After years of inaction by the U.S. Congress, the President is expected to use executive action to move forward on this issue.

The Republicans, always the representative of big business, will accuse him of an abuse of power and do what they can to impeach this president.

From the perspective of the working man in this country I think it will be good for the law abiding immigrants to be granted a path to citizenship. For years the fact that these people were here illegally made them willing to accept whatever job they could find, and to not question the pay or the lack of benefits. And they would not question how they were treated by their employers. All for the fear of not finding another job, or of getting deported.
As these workers gain legal status they will change these behaviors and will become advocates for themselves in the workplace. This will cause upward wage pressure. And that is what the world and this country needs to finally regain some footing economically. When the gains of productivity are spread equitably and broadly in the economy the economy gains stability. When the gains are shared in an meritocratic way, and not hoarded by abuse of power, the output of the society is put to work again, or is able to be saved for later use.
The reason the broader economy has been so slow to stimulate over the last years is due to this lack of wealth in the broad bottom and middle of society. Over time this must change.

Support the President in his actions. He works for the common man in ways that the common man is unable to appreciate.


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