Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Cuba relations to normalize

Cuba cars...

The news this morning is of the coming of normalized relations with Cuba. You know, that island off the coast of Florida that is a country. Where Guantanamo is, the naval base and prison.

The country that drives all those vintage cars..... I see lots of those cars coming to the U.S. Among other things.
Like energy. We could easily export some of our energy to a nice Cuba.

And we can vacation there, like we used to long ago.

CUBA is an ETF. Lots of activity in that this morning. It barely broke out to new highs. I can't imagine how high it could go if it has been so moribund for so long.
There are surely other investments that would thrive if Cuba and U.S. normalized. It would take an expense off Russia's hands. They wouldn't have to support their comrades any longer.....



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