Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Solar, Long Term

Here is a technical look at First Solar (FSLR) from a long perspective, and thus a potential long term "investment".....  Trade to me, but....

The chart notations pretty much tell the story. FSLR has been much higher in years past. But the credit contraction combined with the recent cheap fossil fuel energy has combined to depress the price of this stock dramatically. But the volume tells me of renewed interest. The news is of AAPL wanting to contract with First Solar to power an industrial plant of some sort. But the volume seems to say that this is the start of something big. And it is only a matter of time.

So I am doing this as a long term trade.  And a bet on a trend change. I have pretty good position, from about the date of the last time I mentioned FSLR, but if the "trade" or this investment starts costing me money I will abandon it. But it seems like a bottom is in. (I hate to jinx myself by saying that)

The intent of this post is to educate on the importance of paying attention to the volume that makes a price in technical charting, aka the interpreting of buying and selling interest in a security.

For right now I can't make the chart thing work......

try again,

there we go!

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