Thursday, September 17, 2015

Don't Fight the Fed

There is an old saw in investing that says, "don't fight the Fed", meaning if the U.S. Federal Reserve Board is easing interest rates then "go with the flow" and buy bonds or stocks. It also implies that the Fed's "got your back" and they will keep trying to influence markets until they get their way.

Today, Sept. 17, 2015, a much awaited Fed decision day and the Fed left rates unchanged, at essentially zero.

The U.S. economy is by most accounts getting stronger and is probably the strongest economy in the world at present.

Todays decision is a nod to the other troubles in the world. The Fed usually has a mandate to optimize growth in the U.S. economy and to control inflation in the U.S. economy. Now it may be that the U.S. Federal Reserve is acknowledging their role as the "central bank of the world". This may be a recognition by the Federal Reserve that the bank that controls the major reserve currency of the world controls inflation and growth around the world.

I do not think they will get ahead of inflation until LATE in the game. Any rises of rates will always lag inflation.


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