Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On Fiscal Stimulus

If you look at politics the world over it is hard to miss the populist sentiments.

As I pointed out HERE several weeks ago the outcome of coming elections will be fiscal stimulus in the form of infrastructure type projects.

Japan is working on this now.....

If we ask, "why the populist sentiments?" we can come up with an answer that includes the amount of debt that has accumulated over recent decades and the effect that debt has on growth and consumption around the world. Lack of growth, combined with the accumulation of wealth at the top has left people angry. (the accumulation of money looking for rent is why interest rates are so low and why their are no 'bond vigilantes')
If we can accept these facts of life, then we can conclude that aggressive fiscal stimulus, ie, putting money into the bottom of the wealth pyramid, is the same as debt forgiveness. Fiscal stimulus will finally spur inflation and inflation wreaks havoc on the bond market. The bond market is where all the wealth  is parked.

Debt forgiveness is a redistribution of wealth by resorting to inflation.

Unfortunately it is the only option left short of raising taxes on the rich and providing a broader social safety net.
You makes your choices....

Invest accordingly,


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