Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is there another problem with the banks?

There are a lot of things in the markets that seem to be signaling trouble. The apparent accumulation in the financial short ETF SKF.

The continued weakness in the U.S. dollar even as the end of QE2 approaches.

The skyrocketing price of silver.

Is there another banking crisis coming?
Here is an interesting link:

And the update on SKF:

I still see accumulation.

Can you spot the inverted Head & Shoulders formation in TLT?

And then there is the 20 yr. US Treasury ETF: TLT.
Why is it so strong after the warning of downgrade by S&P?
If the dollar is so weak, and inflation pending, who is buying treasury bonds?

When trading or investing it is not profitable to be afraid to miss a rally.
Instead, fear losing money.

"He who loses the least..... WINS!"
                             Richard Russell

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