Friday, October 28, 2011

Buy the strongest...

One thing I have noticed over the course of the last couple decades is that when a downturn in the general market is coming to a close the best bets are those stocks that have held up the best during the downturn. On a long term time horizon, here is one that has held up well...... Buying new highs in these situations often turns out to be a good bet. Counterintuitively.

Las Vegas Sands.

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  1. Just a comment on this from this blogger. I have heard many commenting on the imminent decline of China. Most of the Las Vegas Sands' profit is coming from Macau. I look for indicators of economic activity in the stocks. If this stock is an accurate indicator, China is set to resume/continue it's economic expansion, and will therefore continue to push up the prices of raw materials as well as refined products.
    As far as the LVS chart goes, I notice the decline in volume over the last year as this has gone sideways. A good indicator...
    Just sayin',


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