Friday, October 28, 2011

Zerohedge locked me out.

I find that my I can't log in to Zerohedge. I must believe that I was locked out by the management. I have lately had some disagreements with the general tone of the discussions on ZH. I have felt that the stock market and the economy in general may not be as bad as is portrayed on ZH. I went so far as to state that "Zerohedge is a one trick pony". OMG!! Did I really say that??
All of my comments have been polite and logical. And I have been right lately. I think that may be the problem. The economy may be poised to turn around, the problems in the middle east may be on the mend, Obama may be the next president, and low interest rates may finally pull the economy out of its slump. And that means Zerohedge is out of a job.
But, I can't log in..... I can't believe they could do this. I thought they welcomed debate. Maybe I will be proven wrong.
If you have access to Tyler ask him what is up!!

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