Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Many of the metals stocks under pressure lately. GG, IAM, FCX, SLW, etc...

This one showing some life for some reason that I am unaware of. (and don't want to know!)

Possible trade here. If Thompson Creek Metals can get above todays high price I see it going to $4. It would stop there for an undetermined time, or decline. If it got above $4 it would be an easy leap to $6.
A lot depends on what the general market sentiment is, as always. But the idea above could be the basis for a trade. Keeping in mind that it may not do as expected and with the resolve to not hold it and hope if it strays too far from the basic expectation.
I guess that is what trading is!!
Based on technical analysis and general market sentiment right NOW.


And BAC went as expected today. Look at the intraday for what a strong breakout looks like!


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