Friday, January 16, 2015

First Solar


First Solar has declined from about $70 to $40 with no great increase in the volume. It is odd for a stock price to change that much without some sort of capitulation in sentiment as evidenced by an increase or a spike in volume on the selling. This hasn't happened in this stock. This gives me an indication that there may be a good buying opportunity if the recent trend reverses, and it could be a rapid rise.
I would assume the price action in this stock is predicated on continued profitable business despite the recent and sharp downtrend in the price of energy. The price of oil and gas either does not affect this business, or the holders of this stock think that the price drop of oil and gas is temporary. Or perhaps for other reasons of which I haven't imagined.

But, from a technical perspective I would expect a vigorous rebound if one starts.

 Of course this may not be the bottom, and the volume could spike later in a decline.

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