Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kuroda is a Lightweight

Compared to Janet Yellen, Mr. Kuroda of Japan is a lightweight.

Janet Yellen is doing a masterful job of guiding the U.S. dollar down to it's real level.

Is there any doubt that there is an unstated goal of weakening the dollar?

Ms. Yellen speaks of a goal of a 2% inflation rate, and puts her expectations of that goal to be two years away. My expectation is that she will be very careful to stay behind inflation with any moves by the Fed to raise rates. She runs the risk of a runaway inflation because of her desire to not let this opportunity to stimulate get away from her.

She will be the next Alan Greenspan.

We may be in for the 5th wave in a stock market surge. (Another 5th wave?)

We live in interesting times.

Control your risk,


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