Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wages are embedded wealth

  1. The world is suffering from the war on labor that has been waged over the last 40 years. The war spread from the U.S. to Britain and around the world as a proxy war in Japan, Mexico, Asia and China. Now moving the war to Africa as politics permit. The profits of the war making parties were from the arbitrage of wealth differences in countries and regions. The U.S. was the golden goose. The golden goose is exhausted. All that is keeping the goose alive is tradition. The tradition of a U.S. Dollar as a reserve currency. As this adjustment period draws to a close the futility of saving in U.S. Dollars will dawn. This is all the more reason to borrow now and INVEST in our infrastructure. We can pay them back later in all those worthless dollars that will come flowing into the country as the world sheds them……
    What is one of the strongest countries in the world today? Answer: Germany. Socialist Germany…. Labor unions, etc…..
  2. Subversively yours,
  3. gh
From a submission on "The Big Picture".

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