Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday?

Well, for a Black Friday things are looking pretty good.

Since my last post the leader of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt brokered a cease-fire with Israel here.

His success in the international arena gives Mr. Mursi some much needed credibility abroad, although some discord remains at home. So as far as the stock markets go some of that middle east worry has been at least temporarily removed.

In this country we last saw Congress and the President making cooing noises and promising to co-operate to find a solution to the so called "fiscal cliff" that is approaching in January. The tone of the markets seem to be indicating that there is genuine optimism for some sort of solution that probably involves an inflationary solution.... Like a small tax increase and a small reduction of debt spending, or perhaps a longer term plan that phases in over years.(the best)

And finally, the Euro showed strength today. Greek yields on govt. debt continue to ease. (16%!!)

Volume was higher than I would have expected today. It being a holiday shortened day.
Some recent charts: RIMM from some time ago in a previous post

And lately:
And First Solar:
 And lately:
And maybe this is really a bottom in MolyCorp this time.... I know, it's a favorite. Bought around $6 this time. Somebody else is buying also......

They haven't all been winners. Chesapeake broke down.... And I had a pretty big position in IamGold (IAG) that hurt!
I have bought back into GASL again.....a small bottom picking postion to add to if it looks strong... Watching Anadarko Pete (APC) for clues....

Control risk.

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