Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The market is dead!

Stocks are dead !      (hint: follow the link)

Where have I heard that before? Seems like that was a classic headline back in the 1970's. (Right before that historic 80's and 90's rise)

And now I keep hearing that the bond market is a bubble.

These aren't the only places these sentiments have been popping up. It seems everywhere I turn the "clearminded" commentators are declaring that the stock market is going nowhere. And others of equal sincerity are declaring that the bond markets are in a bubble, in part due to their historic low yields and 30 year ascent.

If the bond market is a bubble and starts to deflate the money will flee that market. Where will it go??

And when people in the know. Especially those in mass media start declaring that the stock market is "dead", as a contrarian thinker I can't help but start looking for the long term opportunity in the same stock market.

Timing, as they say, is everything.....


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