Friday, February 1, 2013

The great inflation

Disappointing GDP numbers out this week. Stock market rallies

Housing stocks still on fire.

And the dollar continues weakness even as the interest rates edge up to 2% on the long UST.

Gold and silver have been under pressure lately. The talking heads on CNBC say gold is under pressure because of selling to buy stocks. I think this is only a temporary and trading phenomenon.

When I look at the silver price I see the increasing likelyhood of a big move up in the near future.

And the dollar is at a floor that will probably give way this time. In the past the dollar has rallied off this floor, but I think that the rallies are over. Time will tell. Am positioning myself accordingly.

Nat gas will be strong over the coming years. The low prices have capped wells, put drillers in bankruptcy. Combined with the general push to convert transportation to NG, electricity generation away from coal, and the move for U.S. self-sufficiency. Exports will probably be approved.


Control your risk.

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