Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dollar slide imminent?

A chart of the U.S. Dollar as the UUP dollar fund shows a bearish pattern. Notice the strong downtrend, the recent consolidation of prices over the last 4-5 months, and the tendency of prices to go to the floor. If the floor gives way there will most likely be a rapid slide down.
What will the result of a rapid decline in the dollar be? In the recent past when the dollar goes down the stock markets go up, gold goes up, commodities go up, etc... The stock market looks surprisingly strong lately despite a lot of gloomy news. That is bullish for stocks; bad news and strong buying, or at least little selling. I notice that lately the downdrafts on strong intraday volume are being met by buying.
Here is that chart of the dollar. This price pattern usually results in a continuation of the trend. The dollar has had many opportunitys to rally lately and hasn't managed to sustain any trend change....

At some point the U.S. dollar will need to be defended if the slide goes too fast. And that short treasury play may happen yet!!

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