Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Confidence = Credit

I watched a commercial on TV last night. It showed a couple sitting on the couch and looking at their credit scores on a laptop computer. By touching the screen they could slide their individual credit scores up or down. As they did this, the furnishings of their apartment changed. Finally the woman moved her credit score up high and a rock singer appeared in their living room and sang and played his guitar. She was ecstatic and her face beamed satisfaction.

The message is still: Keep a good credit score so you can borrow to have the things you desire.

Consumer confidence surged to a five-year high in May, fueled by increased optimism about an improving job market.


And someone mentioned that the saving rate has dropped..... Could it go lower?

Here we go again!

The only thing that baffles me about this is the reaction of gold and silver......I guess it will be a matter of timing.

If the consumer is confident she will borrow. And if rates rise, the banks will lend. And the wall of money will start to budge.


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