Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I wouldn't label myself as a "goldbug". I trade gold and have a small physical position for the long term. But I find it interesting when various market participants and goldbugs talk about the supply of physical gold versus the paper gold that is represented by, well, paper.

Kind of like when the US Dollar was represented by gold. But the Nixon didn't want to pay for the Vietnam war with U.S. gold so he suspended payments at the gold window. And the world realized that perhaps we didn't have the gold to back up the paper......

Some curious things in the physical gold space nowadays. Particularly after the big runup in gold over the last decade...

I found this article particularly interesting.  HERE

Todays release from the Fed was not the explosion that I had anticipated based on the tone of the markets over the past few days. Some tempering economic data/ ISM came in weak/and China looking weaker than expected. But the gold stocks saw some late day strength so my opinion did not change completely. Perhaps it IS the European Central Bank that will make the big change tomorrow. Or not....

And how about that AMD in the tech space. !!


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