Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is the IRS out of control?

A few words on this IRS "scandal" that is sweeping over the political landscape.

What do we hire the IRS for?   Are they not hired by the American people to collect taxes and prevent or bring to justice tax fraud?

In their role of preventing fraud. If I was running an organization with the goal of preventing tax fraud, and I was getting applications from organizations that proudly proclaimed an ideological opposition to paying taxes and who were applying for tax exempt status, I would give those applications special scrutiny. Isn't that the job of the IRS?

If I was applying for a U.S. visa and I gave my employers name as "Islamic Jihad" wouldn't I expect extra scrutiny of my application for a visa? And as an American who expects Immigration and Customs to keep terrorists out of the country, don't I expect extra scrutiny for groups who proclaim an antagonism to this country?

And despite their flag wrapped stance, the Tea Party politicos are anti-American as they seek the impoverishment of the American government. They are a tool of the Chicago economists and a tool of the corporate establishment and of the ongoing "Reagan revolution" that seeks to keep the workers working for less in order that corporate profits can continue to grow. They are misguided. It is a lack of demand due to worker impoverishment that keeps consumer demand low. And it is not government debt by the government that holds the worlds reserve currency that is the problem. The problem is consumer debt made neccessary by the lack of wage gains and by the lack of wage participation in the "efficiency" of the economy. The corporates are very efficient at capturing the money that has been printed over the years. Tea party politics are at odds with increased wages for the common man in America. It is a constant source of amazement to myself at the populist appeal of the Tea party!


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