Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time for a correction?

I have been getting that bearish feeling lately. The indexes and some stocks seem to be getting ahead of themselves. This is a general statement and is not original. But the amount of what seems like "speculation" is and has been growing. I see those small stocks like AMD and EGLE having big, and predictable moves on no news or short covering, and while short covering is usually the start to a bottom and is often the blowoff to tops (TSLA?) while these things are happening the market is frothy and irrational.

I may be writing this to rationalize my recent mistakes. Although my calls on some stocks have been right on, I have not made the profits that those calls would imply. (sp?).... due to early selling and an aversion to giving back profits. So I trade a 1x profit for that 3x or 6x profit... Disheartening is a mild word....

But, putting aside or trying to put aside these emotions, I feel like a correction is overdue. The economic news is not confirming the stock market optimism.

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and this kind of stuff that is questionable as to the value to society???

A chart of small caps:


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