Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What is the sound of a Cow?


That is the ticker for the "all things agriculture" as Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker put it today on CNBC.

From a technical perspective, for an investor with a longer timeframe, this chart looks interesting.

A breakout to new highs on increased volume could be the start of something big. Something big due to the length of time this ETF, and by extension agriculture stocks, have been collectively treading water near all time highs. The fact that they have held up so well is the prime reason for the increasing possibility of a continuation of the trend. The trend over the LONG term being UP.

This is an example of paying attention to the value of time in trading and investing. This does not mean this is a slam dunk trade. Only that the odds of a prolonged appreciation in price are improving as this ETF moves higher from here, ie, anyone who wanted to sell has had ample opportunity.

This is a weekly chart. Each bar represents one week of price movement. So an astute and risk averse investor will keep time in mind when allocating capital.
As always I prefer to scale in on the way up. I do this because I prefer to make money.

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