Sunday, April 20, 2014

When The Work's All Done This Fall

Ray W. Hickey

My father died on April 17th. I had seen him just two days before on the day he was released from the hospital and went on hospice care. I helped get him moved into my sisters house. She was going to take care of him until he died.
Dad was in very good spirits that day. I can't remember him being so happy in years. At one point he told us he "was going home". We told him, "No Dad, this is your home now." But he repeated, "I'm going home", and he pointed out the glass door and motioned with his hand. We gave him a gentle look and supposed that he was a little confused. He wasn't confused. He went home the next day.

 The song is a song my dad sung to us when we were kids. It was just a few years ago that I stumbled across it and was surprised that it was a well known cowboy song. Dad was a cowboy and rancher when he was a young man.


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